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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Passion and Peaches


 More good, bad, and ugly.

Again, my passion vine died. Literally rotted at the soil line with the help of insects. I don't think I will do passion again unless I grow from seed. It is disappointing when you buy a plant every couple of years and only get one harvest. Plus that harvest was early, they didn't fully ripen. 

Peaches are in full swing. Florida peaches are smaller than the northern variety but they taste the same. The birds must have decided my tomatoes were better to eat so they are leaving the peaches. I do have insects inside so I am picking them when they just turn pink, cutting off the flesh and removing any dark spots, then nuking for a few minutes before freezing in snack bags for smoothies. If you let them ripen on the counter, they are unusable if you have worms inside. Next year I will work on a spray program or just do this again.