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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Loving Weeds in the Garden

One of this year's garden goals is to make common weeds a part of my color/butterfly garden. To take a second or third look at weeds that work with beneficial and/or beautiful insects. This does not mean I will allow a weedy looking garden; it means I will incorporate native and beneficial weeds as if they were store-bought plants as a part of the garden.

As with all my plants, if one plant prevents another from thriving, it is moved or removed. This includes store bought plants, propagated plants, and weeds.

One "weed" I have accepted is Pilea microphylla AKA artillery plant/fern, artilleryweed, rockweed. This plant is actually sold as an indoor plant and gets its name from how the tiny seeds are exploded from the plant. It makes a nice ground cover but the plant does look different after it goes to seed. After taking a second and third look at this "weed" (that is also a native) it is now welcome in certain areas of my gardens. This is NOT edible.

Blechum pyramidatum AKA Green Shrimp Plant is another "weed" that grows easily here in SWFL and hosts the Malachite butterfly. I have been pulling this "weed" out of my garden for years but now that is going to stop. I might dig it up but I will move it to an area where it can thrive and not be an eyesore. This is NOT edible.

As I discover, I will continue to post on more "weeds" to love.