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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Why Do Florida Tomatoes Taste SO Bad?

Less than 13 hours of sunlight.

Our tomato growing season in SWFL is Fall, Winter, and Spring.

The sun provides us with 10.5 hours of light on our shortest days and takes until late April to provide a full 13 hours of daylight.

Our problem is that in May most tomato plants are starting to cry UNCLE to our heat, insects, and humidity.

  • Roast your tomatoes. They taste wonderful. 
  • Grow tiny tomatoes. Not cherry. Wild, Everglades, or similar taste best.
  • Grow in FULL SUN. No shade.  
  • Allow fruit to mature on vine if possible. The birds like to taste mine so I have to harvest early because covering just blocks the sun. 
  • The varieties offered at the grocery store are grown for their ability to be jostled around in shipping (as well as color, shape, size...). Not for their flavor.