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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Loquats are IN


Loquats are super easy to grow. They even laugh at frost! I planted two trees in the same hole to help with pollination. One year one tree fruited and the other did not! It did take three years for these trees to fruit for me. I finally gave them an ultimatum and they flowered a month later. 

My loquat trees are now about eight years old and gorgeous. It does drop some leaves in the winter but not many. The trees were pruned heavily to encourage bushy growth when it was two years old.

Loquat fruit is delicious in a smoothy. Trim the base off of the fruit (it's black and crumbly or I would keep it on), cut the fruit open, slip out the large seed/seeds with your fingers and whiz in blender with some ice. They also freeze great after prepping. 

Here in SWFL just dig a hole, loosen the tree's roots, water the hole well, then plant it. I suggest waiting until it is rainy season so you won't have to water it as it settles in. Loquats do need irrigation as an adult so don't plant this in the middle of vacant lot. Keep the root top high versus planting too deep. Keep weeds, mulch, and grass away from the trunk to prevent rotting and competition for water. Toss some fertilizer under the tree canopy (width of tree if you had to draw it on the ground) it from time to time. Since we always have slow release 10-10-10, that is what I use. 

Do some homework on loquats because some varieties taste better than others.